Wednesday, December 3, 2014

Help Me Santa!

Are you hoping to get out of your home before the holidays?  (Ok.  Let's be realistic and figure that it will probably be around the first of the year.  But still...)  Why don't you have the holidays work with you instead of against you?

Why don't you make an offer that a buyer can't refuse?  We know that they are already going to ask for closing costs, so if you have the wiggle room in your numbers...go ahead and put it out there for them.  $XX bonus in closing costs paid if in contract or closed by December 31, 2014.  This will take away some of the negotiations and make you look like a hero as well.

Another option that you could do is give an agent bonus if closed by a certain date.  Of course we don't steer clients into making an offer on a house just because it has a bonus on it because we always do what's best for our clients.....but it is always nice to get a little something extra for our hard work too.

So my suggestion is to think outside of the box and think like a buyer.  This is the season of giving, and you may receive something special when you are looking at your next home too!