Friday, January 2, 2015

Welcome To The New Year!

Many, many people make New Year's Resolutions.  We've all heard them (lose weight, stop smoking, exercise more or lose weight, etc.)  The funny thing is that most of them are not kept after February...if that long.

Are you one of those people?  Is one of your resolutions to finally get your house sold in 2015?  I'm here to tell you that we can get it done!

2014 ended with a bang.  There are stories that the economy is recovering and buyers are feeling confident in spending money on purchasing a home again.  Banks are loosening up a little with the lending and allowing more people to actually get financed.  Gas prices have dropped.  All of these things are great at helping the housing market too.

There are 3 things that are going to get your home sold.  You think I'm going to say location, location, location right?  Nope!

  1. The first item truly is location.  If you have a good location then you are on the right track.  But I believe that every location is good for somebody...unless it is really bad.  Good schools, easy commute location, low tax district, etc.  Each buyer is going to have a different idea of what is a good location for them.
  2. The second item is condition.  This is where I am going to ask you to step out of your own shoes and take away all of your feelings for your home and look at it through a buyer's eyes.  Is the house move-in ready or is there work that needs to be done to the house like new paint, carpet or upgrades that are needed?  When a buyer walks into a house, they are looking for things that will need to be fixed in the home and dollar signs begin to dance around in their head.  They will start subtracting amounts they think it will take to fix items when they are calculating how much to make an offer for.  These may not be realistic numbers, but it is justified to them.  
  3. Price is the last and probably the most important aspect of the equation.  First you have to look at what the houses are selling for in your area.  This is where the professional will help.  Then you need to think about the condition discussed above.  You can either put your own money into the updates that need to be done and price it a little higher, or you can adjust the price and allow the buyer to do it on their own (unless they are things that absolutely need to be done!)
When I am talking with a potential seller, these are all items that we go over and create a specific plan of action based on each individual's needs.  I look at the whole picture and come up with a game plan based off of the whole picture.

So, if you're ready to knock one item off of your resolution list, and actually stick to it, give me a call today so that we can start your game plan and get your home sold!

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